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To say nothing of having complete comfort and confidence in your home, many factors affect the value of your new property purchase over time. One of the most significant is the physical condition of the property - past, present, and future. A prudent buyer must be concerned with the past maintenance and improvements because they are indicative of owner and management practices as well as expenses to be incurred in the future. The buyer should always consider the condition of the property at the time of sale, and over the property's intended usage life, because property condition directly impacts the marketability of realizing the return on your investment, whether in leveraging or in selling.

Most home buyers have always given some attention to the physical condition and needs of their property. However, the amount of attention, the data secured, the quality and analysis of that data, and the impact of this information has varied widely. Indeed, many properties and the loan that they secure are now in trouble because of inadequate consideration of the physical needs coupled with inadequate attention to property maintenance which has diminished the marketability and overall value of the property.

The primary diagnostic procedure for determining the thermal performance of a building envelope is infrared thermography. It can be used to identify heating and cooling loss due to poor construction, missing or inadequate insulation and moisture intrusion. Correcting the defects plays a significant role in increasing building efficiency and structural integrity.

Gateway Offers Thermal Imaging Inspections for additional cost. Thermography can identify surface temperature variations of the building envelope, which relates to problems in the structure, thermal bridging, moisture content and air leakage. Two primary mechanisms for heat loss in buildings are conduction through the walls and air leakage. Both can be identified from the surface of the building with infrared thermography. Early correction of the faults identified can be made before extensive damage occurs.

To assist in mitigating the many challenges you may be faced with, Gateway offers:

This is simply one of many reasons to have your home inspected. But whatever your reason, Gateway has invested considerable time and resources in establishing business philosophies and practices, in addition to an assessment format specifically designed to fulfill your expectations in your investment evaluation; we guarantee it! Before and after your inspection, or even if you have not used Gateway, you are invited to come back and make use of the rest of this web site, in conjunction with your General Maintenance Guideline Packet, to gain a better understanding of your inspection report, the value of scheduled maintenance to your home, and the general operation of various systems in your home.